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Oh dear... WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!! (Well.. not really) Although this answerer isn't sure exactly how many and which gifts Katniss received, several stand out. 1) Burn medicine

After Katniss is treed by the Career tributes, Katniss feels the "potency of the burns" that she gained when she was ambushed by a "great wall of fire". The burn medicine is very powerful, and created in the Capitol labs.

2) District 11 Bread

After Rue dies (Yes... Rue dies :( ), the people of District 11 send Katniss their district bread as a thank you.

3) Pot of broth

Katniss kisses Peeta since they are playing as "the star-crossed lovers from District twelve" to gain the support of sponsors. Haymitch sends a pot of broth to Katniss to send her a message that one kiss=one pot of broth. (Meaning, Katniss better keep up the romance)

4) Sleep Medicine

It is revealed that Peeta develops blood poisoning, and needs high-tech medicine. When Katniss is about to go to the feast to get medicine, Peeta stops her. Haymitch sends sleep medicine, and Katniss almost discards it in anger, when she discovers that she can drug Peeta and go to the feast

5) Feast

After fond carasses and Katniss saying "You don't have competition anywhere", Haymitch sends a feast (Containing bread, cheese, apples, lambstew, etc.) that increases Peeta and Katniss's chance of survival.

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